BY: James Brooks

How Staying Hydrated Improves Your Body

Since you were young, you probably remember a teacher or parent explaining the importance of water. Seeing how your body is about two-thirds water, it’s no surprise that it is a fundamental topic. After all, getting the proper intake can help your body regulate its temperature, improve your mood, and improve your sleep. But, one thing that people rarely speak about is the importance of drinking from a quality water source. Here’s why you should drink the best natural spring water you can find.

What is Natural Spring Water?

Natural spring water goes by many names, including raw water and well water. It’s a type of water source that originates from an underground aquifer. Natural spring water can either naturally travel to the Earth’s surface or be located underground using a well. What’s unique about spring water is that it doesn’t include additives you’ll find in tap water. However, that doesn’t mean all-natural spring waters are safe to drink. Many will consist of chemicals and microbes. Thus, it’s essential to have a representative from your local health department help determine whether your natural water source is safe to drink.

Are There Benefits to Staying Hydrated?

Staying hydrated and drinking from a quality water source can make a significant impact on your life. When you have a proper water intake, your body helps your organs perform better, adverse skin conditions improve, and your immunity boosts. Usually, people drink bottled water for these purposes. However, most bottled waters are impossible to compare to spring water in both taste and nutrition. A majority of the bottled water you drink is the same municipal tap water, rebottled. So, if you want to ditch the plastic, improve your health, and enjoy an improved lifestyle, staying hydrated using a quality spring water source is the way to go.

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