Do we need Triploid cannabis?

A recent article published by Forbes shows a direction that some in the cannabis industry may be headed towards with plant genetics that have been ‘selected’ and manipulated to not produce any seeds, produce high THC, have faster growth with larger yields, and more. Plants from these genetics would be Triploid, having three chromosomes rather than two like most cannabis plants.


What are Triploid plants?

You know how sometimes fruits like bananas and watermelons don’t have seeds? That’s because they’re made differently in a special way called triploid breeding. Well, now people are trying to do the same thing with cannabis plants.


Most of the time, cannabis plants have two sets of chromosomes, just like most humans. But sometimes, by a rare chance, they can have three sets, making them triploids. People are starting to look into this because it could make cannabis plants better in some ways.


To make triploid cannabis on purpose, growers take a regular cannabis plant and treat it with a special chemical. This chemical stops the cells from dividing like they normally do. So instead of just having two sets of chromosomes, the cells end up with more, like three or four sets.


This idea isn’t new. People have been doing it with other plants for a long time, like bananas and watermelons. You know how the bananas you eat don’t have those big, annoying seeds? That’s because they’re made using the same method.


Lots of the fruits and veggies we eat are made this way, but we hardly notice because we’re so used to it. Now, growers are trying to use this method with cannabis to make better plants. It’s like opening a whole new door for them to explore and make even cooler cannabis plants!


Are Triploid Plants Healthier to Consume?

Triploid plants themselves aren’t necessarily healthier or less healthy to consume than diploid plants. The healthiness of a plant for consumption depends on various factors such as its nutritional content, any potential toxins or contaminants, and how it’s grown and processed.


Triploid plants, like those created through triploid breeding in cannabis or other crops, are often bred for specific traits such as seedlessness or larger fruit size rather than for health benefits. For example, seedless watermelons and bananas are triploid plants bred primarily for convenience and taste rather than for any specific health benefits.


When it comes to consuming cannabis, the healthiness depends more on factors like the strain, growing conditions, harvesting methods, and how it’s prepared and consumed rather than whether it’s triploid or diploid. Therefore, whether a triploid cannabis plant is healthier to consume would depend more on these factors rather than its ploidy level.


What is our opinion?


We believe in the whole value of the plant and all the properties of cannabis. Cannabis seeds are one of those properties and are needed so we can keep producing plants, they are also healthy for us to consume. The true purpose of the plant is to reproduce and create more plants with propagation. If that doesn’t happen, the plant will produce more trichomes as a stress release/call. Stress on the cannabis plant has been shown to increase certain properties and yields.

I have done a podcast on how we don’t need higher THC percentages; we need more balanced cannabinoid percentages with other cannabinoids like CBD. High THC strains, concentrates, and edibles are inducing anxiety, nausea, and paranoia in some people and it can feel uncomfortable. Studies have shown that the threshold for pain relief with Δ9-THC is low (2.5mg – 5mg of Δ9-THC) and that CBD and other cannabinoids can aide more with relief and inflammation.


We will continue to keep you informed as we learn more about the progress of the cannabis industry, and if we hear of any dispensaries growing/sellilng triploid genetics locally in Arizona. I am sure there will be a lot! The selling points are too good, like high yields, high THC and no seeds.


Written by: David Yrigoyen

David Yrigoyen is a holistic health coach, and cannabis coach. David can help you find the right cannabis or CBD dose, product, and method of comsumption for the relief you are trying to obtain.. David also helps introduce people to a variety of alternative therapies and treatments. David has been helping people find natural relief for over 12 years.

David Yrigoyen is a cannabis consultant and has been helping people find relief with cannabis for over 13 years.


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