It has been one year since my father’s unexpected passing, and I thought I’d share some of my experience with you all.

Nothing can prepare you for losing someone. Even if you think you are prepared, there will still be a void, besides their presence. A missed birthday, holiday, family milestone, sound of their voice. It all hits you at different times. My dad was my best friend, my hero, the only person I have ever looked up to; he was always supportive and attended any event I was a part of. Being only 17 years apart in age, it was like having an older brother and a dad. When I heard he was going to be hospitalized and intubated, my whole world felt like it was collapsing.

I saw him the day before he went to the hospital, and if I had known that was the last time I would see or speak to him, I would’ve said more and stayed longer, but we had no idea he was so sick and deteriorating, he was so tough and stubborn. He didn’t want anyone to worry. It was a couple days before Father’s Day, he was watching my dog for me (a little longer than I expected, but they love each other and my dad enjoyed his company, haha) and he texted me: “Are you going to pick up your son?” I still have that conversation on my phone, but it’s hard to look at.

For weeks he was intubated in ICU, and because of COVID we couldn’t go visit him at all. The nurses would arrange to do a video call with him and place the phone by his ear so we could talk to him, but he was all alone and unconscious. I couldn’t imagine the pain his heart felt, and how afraid he was.

Those weeks, while he was in ICU, were a roller-coaster of hope and emotions. Until the day we receive the dreaded call from the doctor: “We’re sorry, we have tried all that we could, and it is your decision to keep him on the machines or see what happens if we turn the machines off?” His lungs were only working because of the machines and my mom was in no place to make that decision, so we gathered all the family and friends to the house to pray. The next day, before we had to decide what to do, my dad passed from cardiac arrest. He made the decision for us; we didn’t have to live with the what ifs.

What happens after someone Passes?

When someone passes, there are arrangements that need to be made: where is the body going, is it a burial or cremation, what kind of casket or urn do you want, do you want a headstone. what should we put on the obituary, do you want to have the obituary published online, do you want a viewing, if so, where? Was the person religious, is there any special arrangements, what dates do you want to do all this? And then comes the money part, and boy is there big money in death! Those thousands add up quickly!!! My mom, and family were not in the mental position to make those decisions, seeing how it is immediately after he passed, so I had to take care of everything. All while trying to still operate and give my attention to Natural Healing Care Center.

I had the body picked up from the hospital and taken to the funeral home and from there we were able to handle the rest of the business associated with the passing.

I would recommend having some sort of life insurance, or will, set up. Just in case. My dad was only 57, he had life insurance through work, but no will.

Why did I have the strength during this arduous experience?

Plant medicine! Plant medicine! Plant medicine! That is the only reason why I didn’t hit my breaking point and quit on everything and everyone. Cannabis, Hemp CBD, and Psylocibin Mushrooms are what kept me going, and allowed me to process and acknowledge the pain and loss from my dads passing. I had family turn to anti-depressants, and those caused more problems for them, it wasn’t until they started using the CBD “drops” that the started feeling better and were able to get off those nasty anti-depressant pharmaceutical poisons that were causing memory loss and a lack of motivation.

Cannabis helped with the emotional pain, that’s part of its job, it causes euphoria. That allowed me to keep a light heart, and smile. The CBD helped with anxiety and depression. To date, it has been the most CBD I’ve used. Normally I just smoke cannabis flower, but the CBD helped for those times I couldn’t smoke. Psylocibin mushrooms were the ultimate help! I wouldn’t do a full-on trip, just micro-dosing 1/10th to 1/20th of a gram (.10g-.20g). There is no trip at all, no bad experience, just peace of mind and an open heart. I went to California to experiment, there it is not as criminalized as here, but Colorado and Oregon have completely decriminalized psylocibin mushrooms.

Not only did the mushrooms help me accept, understand, and process the passing of my father, they also helped rid me of the ‘flight or fight mode’.


Can plant medicine really help with depression and mental imbalances?

There are many research studies to support this fact. Yes! Plant medicine can help with depression, pain, mental imbalances, and more! We see it everyday at Natural Healing Care Center. We get constant feedback, and success stories, like mine. Studies have been done to show the promising relief effects of psylocibin, especially when it comes to end of life care. And most of us already know the power of cannabis, and CBD.

This past Father’s Day was the first without our King. Fourth of July was the anniversary for his passing (July 3rd). Both holidays we had family over at my moms for support and celebration of his memory, and both days Cannabis was a big part of bringing the family together for laughter and fun, rather than depression and pain. To see my 84- and 82-year-old grandparents smoking a joint with us, eating ‘gummies’ and enjoying their life, made me so happy. Plants bring families together. Plant medicine makes families healthier and stronger.

Plant medicine allows us to process and heal. That is what it is intended for, that’s the intended purpose.

I just wanted to share some of my experience with you all. Hopefully it can help someone.

If you try to use psylocibin mushrooms as plant medicine here are some things to know:

  • Make sure it is legal in your area, you may have to travel somewhere, or do a retreat.

  • If you are new, start very low! Psylocibin is very powerful and can cause psychotropic experiences with small amounts. I recommend weighing it out and staying under 1/20th of a gram for your first time. You may not feel anything physically, or mentally with that dose, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t helping in other ways.

  • Set and setting: make sure you are somewhere safe, and you are in the right mindset when taking larger doses. With micro-dosing, you will have more awareness over the effects taking place. With a larger dose, relax and let go, the more you try to control the effects, the harder time you will have. You cannot control a large amount; at that point you just breathe and enjoy the ride.

  • Don’t operate a vehicle or heavy machinery.

  • Try not to have a busy day planned. Plant medicine likes to ground you

We will continue our events at Natural Healing Care Center soon, I am just taking a little break for some self-care. Our office is open regular hours, Isaac is available to help with any questions, or to make an appointment. I just haven’t had to energy to entertain during this time. Sorry! I love you all so much! I pray that everyone that has met me has felt my heart, and knows that I truly care for you, and want to help as much as I can. Natural Healing Care Center has allowed me to meet so many wonderful souls, and I wish to continue as long as we can! Natural Healing Care Center will be celebrating 10 years in business in November, and we look forward to many more years of service to you all!!!!


David Yrigoyen is the founder of Natural Healing Care Center, and has been helping introduce people to cannabis and holistic medicine for over 12 years. David is a Cannabis Consultant and Cannabis Specialist at Natural Healing Care Center

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