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1800mg HempX Hemp Tincture | Full Spectrum + CBC, CBG | Maximum Strength | 1oz – 30ml HempX hemp extract is the standard in tinctures! On average have 1-3% minor cannabinoid distribution. We are proud to have the industries most diverse profile of 14-16% distribution of minor cannabinoids CBG, CBC, terpenes and flavonoids. Only these components working together produce the entourage effect. Our customers get better results from smaller doses. Why is our extract so different? We grow our Private Reserve cultivars at high elevation in the mountains of Colorado and only extract from the flowers of professionally cured hemp.  Maximum Strength  | 30mg/ml – 1800mg – 1oz   30ml Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture: Provides a full 1-3 month supply  Calms Stressful Situations* Supports Mental Clarity & Focus* Muscle & Joint Support* Reduces Inflammation* Promotes Sleep Quality* Supports Recovery* Supports Homeostasis* Featuring: ✔GROWN WITH LOVE using organic soil, purified water, organic teas and nutrients. Harvested and slow cured.   ✔FULL SPECTRUM HEMPX EXTRACT is non-GMO and contains the industries most diverse profile of naturally occurring cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. These compounds work together to produce the entourage effect, resulting in increased efficacy and potency of the tincture’s curative properties.   ✔QUALITY HANDCRAFTED PRODUCTS all made in small batches bring you the finest full spectrum hemp products on the market. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out. Thank you for your support of our family owned company.  Directions: Place .25ml under tongue up to 4X times daily. IMPORTANT: Hold under the tongue for 30-60 seconds for optimal absorption and then swallow.  Ingredients: Private Reserve Hemp Extract, Organic MCT Coconut Oil

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Natural – Anytime use, Peppermint – Anytime use, Mandarin – Anytime use, Black Cherry – Anytime use, (PM)Goodnight – Sleep Relaxation, (PM)Goodnight – Sleep Relaxation (Peppermint), (PM)Goodnight – Sleep Relaxation (Mandarin)


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