Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin wants to go backwards with progression and re-criminalize certain amounts of  possession of cannabis in the State of Virginia. Currently, Virginia has some of the most lenient possession fees in the country, possessing a pound of Marijuana is a $25 fine. But the Governor wants that to change. If the proposed amendment to – SB 591 – is approved, Youngkin wants possession of more than two ounces or marijuana to be a Class 2 misdemeanor, punishable by up to six months in jail and a maximum fine of $1,000, while possession of more than six ounces would be a Class 1 misdemeanor subject to 12 months in jail and a maximum fine of $2,500.

Why should we start imprisoning people for cannabis, again, when it has shown to help people in numerous ways. Countless lives have been ruined due to cannabis prohibition, and we are being exposed to the untruths that have been fed to us for several years. Research supports what we have know for thousands of years, cannabis is beneficial to our well-being, not the opposite we were told. But this knowledge was only obtainable from cannabis reform progression, due to the limited lack of government approved, and funded research in the cannabis sector – all because of prohibition.

For over a decade, in Arizona, Natural Healing Care Center has witnessed the benefits of cannabis. They have seen the miraculous results of relief from ailments that were unobtainable in the pharmaceutical world.

Every day we are learning more about the Endocannabinoid System (something every human being has in their network of systems throughout the body), and how the receptors bond to different cannabinoids from cannabis. This discovery, alone, should’ve been the end to prohibition. Instead, we are fed more lies and fears from the same organizations that created the problems through prohibition, and withheld the people from getting the viable nutrients cannabis offers, and our bodies need.

Some, like Virginia Gov. Youngkin, want to go backwards because they are losing resources from cannabis reform – like private prisons, which produce cheap labor, not being as full as they once were – and they sell us other reasons to promote fear for their agenda.

But that narrative is fading, and everyone is starting to see the power of cannabis reform. The underground market is fighting to keep up with the price drop of cannabis in legal markets. Supply chains are increasing, which is saturating the market. Trafficking from other countries, like Mexico, is also down because of cannabis reform.

Instead of trying to ruin more lives with recriminalizing cannabis, why not work towards more education, and cannabis safety. Along with promoting at home grows, so people have access to as much of the medicine as they need.

From our standpoint, we have seen cannabis reform in AZ make it safer for people to use and obtain from a trusted source, along with making cannabis more inviting for the first-time person that is new to this magical plant.


David Yrigoyen is the founder of Natural Healing Care Center, and has been helping introduce people to cannabis and holistic medicine for over 12 years. David is a Cannabis Consultant and Cannabis Specialist at Natural Healing Care Center