Why Should I get My Medical Marijuana Card in Arizona?

  • Taxes: Less taxation when purchasing at local dispensaries. Without card, adults are taxed at 16%. All adult users are subject to this tax, medical marijuana users with the card are not.
  • Access to higher dosages & other products: Medical Marjuana patience can purchase up to 2.5 ounces every 2 weeks compared to the standard 1 ounce without the card, and obain edibles and tinctures dosed over 100mg of THC per package (so you dont have to eat a lot of candy, or food, for people that require higher than 100mg dosages).
  • Job security and NO descrimination: With the card, employers cannot descriminate against using cannabis or having it in your system*.
  • Child protection: Parents have more rights with the card when it comes to using cannabis.
  • Legal Protection for probation and parolees: Having the card allows people on probation and/or parole in Arizona to use cannabis.
  • Pain management Programs: Medical Doctors will still be help allow to help you with pain management programs if you have your medical marijuana card. It could be a little more difficult without your medical marijuana card. 

*does not cover federal jobs, or employers with federal contracts.

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