It’s now 2021, and so much has already changed around the World, and Country. There’s only 14 States that Cannabis is illegal in, and as of today in Arizona, due to prop 207, any adult over the age of 21 can legally purchase, and possess 1 ounce of cannabis, and 5 grams of cannabis concentrate. This is huge for cannabis prison reform, and for people to be introduced to cannabis without having to invest in a medical marijuana card (if they were hesitant before). So many people are in prison for non-violent crimes, and cannabis possession is one of the main convictions. Now that people are realizing that cannabis can be consumed safely, and for medical purposes, and due to the fact that not one person has ever died from over consuming cannabis, people are starting to wake up to the lies, and misinformation they have been fed over the years.arizona-marijuana-doctor

Even now that cannabis is legal in AZ, I still hear people say that they would rather die than use it, where does this hate and fear come from? Why are some people still afraid of this plant? when it has been shown to be safely consumed, even for children? The irony is that once a Medical Doctor, that is respected in the eyes of the patient, suggests that they give it a try, the patient is quick to try. But for those of us that do our own research, and come into this area of relief with an open mind, and the right intentions, we are shown the magical wonders of this beautiful plant; A plant that not only helps people medically, but also can help improve the environment, work as an alternate source on energy, provide food and nutrients to people and livestock, along with durable clothing and more. For centuries Cannabis was used, and recognized around the world as a medicine, tool,  commodity, and more. It can be grown in most climates, and it grows freely and wildly. This plant has chemical compounds that bind receptors inside systems within our bodies, like our immune system, and central nervous system. And the aroma therapy received from just smelling the plant material provides relief in it’s own.

Cannabis Leaves As more people discover cannabis, it is important to know how to properly consume, and dose. Over consumption of cannabis can create a very un-desired experience, and although it will wear off, this experience can cause people to never want to try cannabis again. To avoid this, we recommend staring slow and steady with 1mg-2.5ng of THC, this will insure that you are aware of the changes cannabis could be creating in your body, like changes in depth perception, and reaction times. Once you are aware of how the cannabis makes you feel, you can increase, or decrease intake/dosing at your choosing.

For peope that are having difficulty finding what works, for them, they can call Natural Healing Care Center for guidance, or assistance. For those that want to use cannabis in a medical setting, they can call Natural Healing Care Center and schedule an appointment to receive a medical marijana card in Arizona, and speak to one of our Arizona Medical Marijuana Doctors, or Cannabis Consultants. medical-marijuana-arizona-cbd-productsNatural Healing Cazre Center has been helping people find relief with cannabis for almost 10 years, and they are known within the Tucson, AZ community for their professionalism and compassion. Having your medical marijuana card in Arizona will allow you to pay less prices on taxes, have access to different products, purchase and possess more cannabis than the adult use program, and more!

If you are serious about using cannabis as an alternative, let Natural Healing Care Center guide you in the right direction.



David Yrigoyen is the founder of Natural Healing Care Center, and has been helping introduce people to cannabis and holistic medicine for over 12 years. David is a Cannabis Consultant and Cannabis Specialist at Natural Healing Care Center